• Playing in a soccer stadium was not their idea of building the brand

    Playing in a soccer stadium was not their idea of building the brand. Basketball schools wanted nothing to do with adding higher-profile football schools at the time, either.The dillydallying on expansion may have ended up costing the Big East, as the league sat with nine schools for quite a long time, wholesale jerseys rather than striking quickly and boldly.After I saw the combine workout and then I went down to Georgia  to work him out, I knew he had the leg strength to do that kind of damage as a field-goal kicker. You never know about accuracy until you go out there and do it.[Also: Dez Bryant’s breakout continues with another huge day]

    The last time the Hawks were down 3-0 in a series was the 1995 Western Conference finals. They won Game 4 but lost the series in Game 5.Chicago has not been swept in a playoof series since the 1993 Norris Division semifinals against the Blues.Chris Low: According to NCAA rules, if a player plays a single play in a game, that player has used that year of eligibility. However, players are also granted redshirt years (or an extra year) for medical reasons, but only if you play less than 30 percent of the snaps in the first six games and sustain a season-ending injury. Then, you"re eligible to get that year back.


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