• The goalie stock on the trade market continues to rise

    Both highly entertaining.com, ESPN Stats & InformationHere is how Cockcroft put it: "Jennings gives the Vikings a much-needed outside receiver, but his fantasy upside is worse in Minnesota than Green Bay, despite the lack of competition for targets.They"re a great football team.They're helping us fill in the holes of the upperclassmen.Baylor: The post-RG3 era doesn't officially kick off until Sunday, when Nick Florence takes a snap against Baylor's old Southwest Conference rival, SMU.If Spurrier is going to have any chance of joining them in that exclusive club, this is probably a game he needs to win Saturday.

    The goalie's stock on the trade market continues to rise.It could have gone either way."They had some big stops in the second half.HD: That he took a leave of absence for health reasons in September, cheap jerseys but I haven't heard anything since then.Where it goes from there is up to the two big guys."I don't know if I'm the type of player my dad was, where I can go  somewhere and bring them to national prominence like he did with Navy  basketball," Corey said."Hopefully even better than last season.He had an insane two weeks during which he combined for 990 passing yards and nine touchdowns in wins against Michigan State and Minnesota.

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