• you can see the sea of NFL jerseys that floods the stand

    Those were Pac-12 replay officials, in case you were wondering. Karma is a funny thing, though. The Badgers should have gotten that call, but they didn't deserve to win after playing terribly most of the game.In addition, Boise State and other football teams in the Mountain West that appear on national television (ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox) will be paid a bonus of $300,000 per game, wholesale nfl jerseys with an additional $200,000 for a Saturday game.Wonder who will get the lion's share of those appearances?Boise State finally got a deal that will help the program move forward."It's nuts," Versteeg said. "I haven't even been in the city for three weeks yet and people already recognize you and know who you are. It's pretty crazy.

    When you watch the games on television, you can see the sea  of NFL jerseys that floods the  stand. But there is always that one guy wearing the wrong jersey. Do not be  that guy!Since that time, the league has had few legal incidents to deal with. Jay Bouwmeester was charged with drunk driving in Edmonton and pleaded guilty in 2007 but was not suspended by the league. There has been the occasional dust-up in a bar and there was a minor kafuffle at Eric Staal's stag that involved minor police involvement; but beyond the Khabibulin case, nothing has warranted the league's action.Remember, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier felt very strongly about paying players last time everyone was in Destin.New college football rules: Kickoffs are being moved up 5 yards to the 35-yard line, which should have a big impact on field position. Let's see what coaches have to say about this.


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