CV Boots, Joints & Drive Shafts

Central Drive Shaft Services is one of the most sought-after manufacturer, supplier and service provider for the various types of drive shafts. We specialise in supplying and repairing your CV joint driveshaft as well as offering many other products.

The Constant Velocity boot ( CV boot ) is the rubber enclosure for your car's CV axle covering your CV joint. They are the part of the front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicle shaft assemblies. Get the best quality of CV boots with us and get all the issues related to it resolved with our excellent servicing.

If you are in looking for CV joint reconditioning approach our store. Our experts first perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle. They provide you with their detailed assessment and suggest specific solutions for the issue. After your total approval, they start the comprehensive replacement of your driveshaft or CV joint.

The CV joints and the boot are susceptible to wear and tear. A boot is more sensitive than a CV joint . We ensure to deliver the long-lasting products for all our customers. All our products are built under strict quality control with OEM specifications. We follow all processes for replacement of the parts. Our parts supported by ISO Certification and TS 16969 Quality Standard Certification.

If you are looking for the best quality drive shafts for your vehicles or machinery, approach us to get our excellent services and solutions in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs

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